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FORMULA was born from the desire to have a line of exceptional and professional Paint Protection Film (PPF) maintenance products.

Our world class Paint Protection Films brought something unique to the market that asked for maintenance products just as well refined. Our desire to achieve a solution for maintaining PPF resulted in amazing Car Care products for all PPF and Painted surfaces. Our R&D team has developed STEK FORMULA; in order to adapt and simplify the process of cleaning and restoring PPF, while also creating car care products for cleaning the entire vehicle from top to bottom because preparing a vehicle for PPF is just as important as protecting the vehicle’s paint. Amazing and exceptional! Not only is it used to manage paint protection film, but also can be used to protect and manage the vehicle’s paint.

STEK Automotive is also highly attentive to effects of harmful chemicals impacting the environment, we have formulated our products to comply with environmental standards, and to be more environmentally friendly and biodegradable than some of our competitors

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Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.16.32.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.16.42.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.16.51.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.17.00.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.18.41.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.18.53.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.19.05.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.19.25.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.19.38.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.19.49.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.19.59.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.20.10.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.20.22.png
Screenshot 2020-07-29 12.20.42.png
FORMULA Car Care: Inventory
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