Light Protection Films.



DYNOshade gives you a beautifully shaded light making a subtle difference that protects and enhances both lenses and housing.


DYNOsmoke is the darkest option for those pursuing a stealthy look. Perfect for toning down chrome housing or adding a touch of unique to your headlights, taillights and turn signals.


DYNOfancy is a classic yellow film. Inspired by race cultures across the globe, give your car a track personality with track worthy protection.

DYNOshades Specification

  • 3 Colors: DYNOshade (45% transmittance), DYNOsmoke (30% transmittance), DYNOyellow

  • Puncture Resistant

  • Hydrophobic (advanced water repelling properties)

  • Anti-Contamination (stain resistant)

  • Fast Recovery Self - Healing (by heat or hot water) 

7 Year Warranty:

DYNOshades Light Protection Film (LPF) has a 7-year warranty against delaminating, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.


24" x 15'

24" x 25'

24" x 50'


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